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Ulrich Van Den Hekke 7422420539 fix: name of property 2020-12-20 13:21:49 +01:00
Ulrich Van Den Hekke 20ea3fa16e feat: add tag management 2020-12-19 21:48:30 +01:00
Ulrich Van Den Hekke af8f9b9c16 feat: rename piwik to matomo 2020-12-19 17:08:07 +01:00
Ulrich Van Den Hekke 7c9297a12b On redirection, don't show piwik information, but store it on session for use in a user visible page. 2014-02-27 23:29:15 +01:00
Ulrich Van Den Hekke 4cf0036890 Intial import of the PiwikBundle.
This bundle can be used to easily add the piwik javascript add the end of each page. Some method in the contoller or in the twig template can be called to add some additional functionality as :
- adding ecommerce product or category view
- adding ecommerce basket
- adding ecommerce goal
- adding search tracking
- adding heartbeat functionality.
2012-11-04 14:49:51 +01:00