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Ulrich Van Den Hekke 08a0ae104c fixes #505 11 years ago
actions [TRD] Traduction en français en cours ... 11 years ago
config [COR] Update translation 11 years ago
docks/datastream fixes #424 11 years ago
editors fixes #505 11 years ago
images [EVO] The for that re-compile 11 years ago
plugindefinition [COR] Correction of some memory leaks. Warning about in Qt plugins are not unloaded when application exit. So destructor of plugin is not called. A check of what is doing in plugin destructor must be made. Maybe there should be have nothing in destructor of plugin !!! 11 years ago
pluginproperty [EVO] Remove the data stream location from the standard dialog, and change the signification (now it's a link) on new project. 11 years ago
pluginresolver [EVO] Completion on filename 11 years ago
translations fautes corrigées!!! bisous 11 years ago
CMakeLists.txt [MRG] Merge from project branches. 11 years ago
coreplugin.qrc [COR] New traduction system 11 years ago