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Ulrich Van Den Hekke dd6c8f80f5 fix(translation): fix some missing translation 6 years ago
actions fixes #515 11 years ago
config [COR] Update translation 11 years ago
docks/datastream fixes #524 11 years ago
editors fixes bug on auto-indent to convert caracter correctly. 9 years ago
images [EVO] The for that re-compile 11 years ago
plugindefinition fixes some memory leaks on IFileTypePlugin 11 years ago
pluginproperty [EVO] Remove the data stream location from the standard dialog, and change the signification (now it's a link) on new project. 11 years ago
pluginresolver In some case (Generix plugin), we need some special information for the resolution of the name. We store this information in a new structure that can be used for the resolution. 11 years ago
translations fix(translation): fix some missing translation 6 years ago
CMakeLists.txt fix(build): correction of build system after update of cmake 6 years ago
coreplugin.qrc [COR] New traduction system 11 years ago