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Ulrich Van Den Hekke 13 years ago
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- We must find a method to tell if a file can be save to subversion/cvs !!
- XINXConfig : Delete the storing of extentions, and matchedFileType ==> Think to a new mode of work
- FileTypePlugin : Remove the properties type (where we said if the file can be in conf, repository, and project direcoty).
- XINX Project : ProjectOption ==> Find a new method to do this.
- XINX Project : Replace logProjectDirectory by dataFileDirectory (configuration of xmlpresentation ?) ==> à réinclude dans le plugin de présentation
- XINX Project : Replace searchPathList by a new way to resolve import.
- XINX Project : Move preloadedCache (the preloaded file can be stored in the project directory)
- XINX Project : Remove default lang, and default nav, specifique path name, specifique prefix, searchPathList, indexOfSpecifiquePath, processSpecifiquePath...
- ConfigurationFile : Remove file configurationfile.cpp/.h
- XINX Project : Remove the method that replace <PROJECT>, <NAV>, ... in processed file path from the project
- SpecifiqueDialogImpl : Move in the plugin directory. This dialog should be rewritten
- MainFormImpl : Remove extentionOfFileName in the mainform dialog (i think that this method is not used)
- MainFormImpl : Add link to the open, save, ... dialog (don't forget add all file to RCS, maybe have a RCS Manager)
- MainFormImpl : selectedCompareWithStd removed
- In the project directory dock : remove the list of prefix
- ProjectPropertyImpl : cleaned
- To Test : Custom dialog ==> Generix page of custom dialog is now in generix plugin.
- Manage a type of project (to plugin know if the project is authorized). The type of plugin can be defined by the plugin
- Change the type of XINX project (.xinx_project).
- Make the new XINX version wizard.
- Check each page to validate value
- Check each page to validate value
- Manage the new file (with the custom generix page)